The Day We Didn’t Race

Adam and I have loved going to the Frozen Dead Guy festival in Nederland, CO for years. This year Adam signed us up for the Coffin race. We put together a team of 7, built a coffin, planned costumes (uh, we were all going to dress in black and paint our faces–except Adam who doesn’t do face paint) and lined up babysitting. Ellynn and Jason even drove all the way out from Provo (a 12 hour drive in stead of 8 because of a snow storm). Adam & Sierra left for Nederland early this morning, a little while later we saw that the race was moved to tomorrow due to high winds. Since it is Sunday, we won’t be racing. We went up to see the parade and decided next time they say there are high winds, we should believe them and stay away. It was unbelievable. To ease our sorrow, we ended the day with a dance party.


About mindimbennett

"Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
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1 Response to The Day We Didn’t Race

  1. Jessica Tanner says:

    Thats pretty funny. The coffin pictures are a crack up!

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